Real-time custom gamification
for your event

Physical, online or hybrid.

We are a learntech - we help people teach and learn - through shared digital interactions, with a customizable platform with the look of your event, company or client.

We keep your audience engaged -and awake- in your presentations.

with your audience

with people

with your guests

our interactions


Want to create together with your audience? With shuffle, you allow the capture of insights and, in a second moment, the choice of the best creations by the audience!


Capture the audience's feeling about a topic with a tool that allows these perspectives and demonstrates it in real time in a customized interface.


Create - or destroy, you choose - with your audience quick and ephemeral insights. Don't worry, you can enjoy them later :)


Want to find out what the hardest question for your audience is? With bingo, you aggregate multiple pre-defined responses in real time.

A chest full of experiences

for speakers

Engage with your audience in real time - from 1 to 1000 people

for organizers

Make the event interactive with your visual identity

for schools

Prioritize the protagonism of your students

getting started is easy


1. Access the platform via login or register as a new user.


2. Choose an interaction, add logo, colors and customize some options.


3. Now just share the qr-code or link with your audience. Good event!

Design your next experience with us!